DIY Dip Dyed Stool

Dip dyed furniture is probably a new take on last year's ombre technique, if you like clean lines with a dash of colour, this trend is definitely for you!

You might have seen some around in the stores starting from $50 -$350 or more,like these Serena & Lily and urban couture  stools. But good news is that you can make one using any stool you already have or with ikea FROSTA stool.
I needed one for Z's room, all of her room's furniture is white, except her change table which is natural timber and white, so i wanted to tie the room's colour scheme together with a natural timber stool, with a dash of purple colour. DIY means No rules, You can use whatever colour, texture, patterns and design you want, you can reverse the painting area using the same technique. 

Things you need:
paint/ spray paint
painters tape
measuring tape
sand paper

Use the painters tape to mark where your secondary colour will begin, use a measuring tape to make sure you mark each leg the same.

usually Ikea's furniture has clear lacquer on it.To make sure the paint adhere to the furniture properly it's better to sand it down before painting. Once you sand the marked area, wipe all the dust away, and start painting.( follow the direction on the paint box) 2 coats usually does the job. If you are using spray paint, spray the first layer in thin consistent lines. let it dry and spray the second coat.

Let it dry for at least 24hours. once it dries completely you are ready to use your dip dyed stool. 

Told ya it's pretty simple!

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