The Lust List

Long Black Dress

I have an endless amount of photos on my phone of things that I am obsessed with, most of them are ridiculously expensive..sighs..(yes it make me sad), and I thought I can share my sorrow with you guys in the form of lust list. Although I will try my best to find and mention reasonable options for you guys.

So the first list has to be with a wardrobe staple of every girl..yup you got it..its a LBD!, since I don’t wear short or little dresses, I went with a more modest (longer) version of LBD. Now the list below includes some gorgeous items that I am in love with, and hope to own at least one of these beauties someday, I hope it doesn’t cause depression to some (as it does to me) so I will be posting look a likes or less expensive options later in the post. And if you have any of these already, oh! well then I hate you! JK, I hope you are enjoying it. :)

LBD (long black dress)

Valentino butterfly jewelry

Black maxi dress
One black maxi dress opens a window of style opportunities, you can dress it up with either classic or edgy accessories. it can be worn in so many different ways, for that reason the LBD never gets old. :) 

Here are some less expensive Black maxi dress options :
8: zalora 

Black heels with gold accent
1:Imagination - Black Multi Chinese Laundry 2: Lovina Ct - Blk Gold Met PU Michael Antonio

Gold belt
I have been obsessing over Zuhair Murad's gold leaf belts for so long, they are pure Grecian perfection!! 
I couldn't find anything quite like it, but here are a few gold belt options

There are a lot of jewellery options available in gold. Unfortunately i couldn't find anything similar to the Valentino ring and Paula Mendoza earrings, they are truly one of a kind. will keep looking though, if i find anything i will post it here. :) 

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