Lounge room walls

Our lounge room is west facing small area with large windows, where i spend most of my day with my DD, luckily we found this place with separate lounge and dinning rooms, if you happen to live in the city, you'd know its really rare to find an apartment with separate dinning and lounge area. Although sometimes I do think its a waste of a space, well in our case we need to build our dining table first to go in the dinning room to make use of the room. But one thing I am happy about is having the opportunity to decorate both rooms differently unlike when you have both areas together, you have to put some of the elements similar to bind the room together. Since my lounge room is west facing, its bright and warm, and I wanted to keep it like that, so rather than going with the latest trend,I opted for the bright and fuzzy route... thats where I spend most of my day and thats what I want to feel when I am there. although it all started with this beautiful painting, I had a photo of this painting from a long time, but I didn't know who made it, so I asked a dear artist friend of mine if she can make something similar, and she did, she made it even better. If you need a real painting(not a digital print) in a reasonable price contact TazArt. The painting arrived on time, and it looks fabulous . For the rest of the room, I tied it up with similar coloured cushions, with decor in gold and bronze accents. can't keep much with my little one around, she already broke a beautiful floral tray i had bought for the table :( 

 On this wall I stick these pretty Ikea octagon mirrors, and I got these birds from have you met miss jones sample sale. They came in white so i spray painted them in gold to go with everything else. 
I made this indoor terrarium in an aquarium bowl... will post the tutorial for it later ;) 

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