DIY lip plumper

who doesn't want fuller and plump lips.. but sadly with age our lips tend to shrink, I have been trying this recipe for some time now, and it seems to be working just fine for me, so I thought i'll share this little secret with you guys. If you want Angelina Jolie lips..this is not for you..browse for lip augmentation or enhancement. But if you want some natural way to get plumper and fuller lips, this recipe is all you need!! All the expensive lips plumpers in the market have cinnamon oil in them, so why spend so much money, when you can make one at home for less. Cinnamon oil stimulates the blood flow, hence the lips appear fuller. so, lets get to the business... you only need 2 things for this:
Pour 7-8 drops of cinnamon oil into the vaseline mix it and there you have it..your very own inexpensive and highly effective lip plumper.

Cinnamon oil tingles a lot when you put it on your lips.. DO NOT try to attempt it!!! always mix it with something..oil..vaseline. The more drops of cinnamon oil you add to the vaseline the more your lips will's always a good idea to start from less drops and add more if your lips are not that sensitive.
I have noticed it heals chapped lips as well... another plus point!! Usually I am very lazy to do any makeup when going out for shopping or running errands.. this lip balm is the only thing I use these makes my lips appear pink.. Although you can add a bit of colour if you wish, i'd say may be try a little food color,or mix a coloured lipgloss in it maybe.. 
Put this lip balm on before putting your lipstick, it will make your lips soft and of course they will look fuller ;) 

DIY lip plumper

DIY lip plumper by zaynah_mayna featuring lip care

Wouldn't suggest pregnant or lactating mothers to use it.. I am not an expert on this matter...and I am not sure about using essential oils during pregnancy and, do your research..ask your doctor or midwife if you wish to try this recipe.. 

Its always a good idea to exfoliate your lips before putting this on. Lip scrub is super easy to make at home, something you should be doing in winters for sure!! 

Brown sugar/white sugar 
Olive oil/coconut oil/jojoba oil
2-3 drops of vanilla essence/wild orange essential oil/honey
Lip balm container 
Mix it all well, and pour it into a sterilise container. 

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