DIY mini hat clip

A super quick tutorial for a DIY mini hat clip i made with the DIY katy perry inspired carousel dress 


  • gift paper (I used double sided paper)
  • felt 
  • poster board
  • paper towel roll 
  • millinery clip (I got mine from lindcraft)
  • lace flower
  • decorative bead
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors 
  • thread and needle

Cut the paper towel roll in the desired size. I didn't want mine to be super tall so I kept it around 5inches,
Now cut 2 circles of a poster board, one circle should be the same size of a paper towel roll, and other circle bigger than that,
Do the same with felt and paper.
Measure the width and length of the paper towel and cut a strip of paper in that size to cover the paper towel, glue it all around the paper towel roll.
Stitch the millinery clip onto the felt like so :

 ( pardon the bad quality Iphone photos )
Glue this felt circle onto the one side of the poster board circle and glue similar sized paper circle onto the other side of the poster board circle.

Do the same with small circles of felt, poster board and paper, (i am sorry couldn't take photos along the process... :/ i suffer from lazy blogger syndrome )
Now glue the small circle with felt side down and paper side up unto the top of the paper towel roll and glue the paper towel roll onto the bigger circle's paper side.. so the felt and clip side will be at the bottom..hopefully its making sense..

 measure the circumference of the bottom circle ,cut the strip of felt in the measured length and glue it all around the bottom circle for neat edges. 

Glue the lace flower or whatever decorative stuff you want to use on to the mini hat...viola there you have it!!  A DIY mini hat clip.. I clipped it on my scarf and it looked super cute.

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