DIY Herringbone Table Top

I have been so lazy lately..particularly when it comes to writing down this post I wonder what comes over me.. instead of writing the post I end up scrolling Instagram or just googling unnecessary stuff..I know I had posted on facebook about this table tutorial last year :S.. with new year I am trying to get over my procrastination....will be posting an interesting DIY costume details soon.. I promise it wont be next year.. ;)

so about this table..I had seen some very cute cube tables on various sites and magazines.. they were all pretty expensive, while searching cheaper versions of the cube tables I came across ikea cube table hack.. you wont believe how cheap and easy it is to put together a cube table..lets get to the fun part now..

 Things you need to make a cube table:

You need two ikea lack side table this one here in the link is black, but its available in few more colours. I bought two in white.
Super glue or any furniture glue.

Assembling the cube table:

Assemble one ikea table according to the instructions, (trust me its not like other ikea pieces that takes forever to assemble)
Now take the top of the other table and screw it or glue it into the bottom of the table 1 you have created, you will be left with 4 spare legs.(please do share if you find a creative way to use them) 

Now you have an inexpensive and pretty cube table. you can paint it whatever colour, decoupage the top, spray paint patterns on it etc or you can do what i have done to mine..
To achieve the wooden herringbone pattern top you need the following:
sand paper
iron on wood veneer edging ( you can get these from local hardware stores, I got mine from bunnings..they don't seem to have it online)
cutter knife
wood polish
clear varnish
spray paint (thats if you wish to paint the table with different colour, I painted mine with heirloom white rustoleum spray paint)
painters tape
aluminium foil


First of all sand the table top (if you wish to paint the table- sand it all).
Clean it with dry rag to get rid of all the the dust.
Now I drew lines to guide me through the pattern, but if you feel confident you can skip this part.


Once you have determined the design start cutting your veneer edging and ironing it on with the iron on medium heat onto the table top.

After first few lines you will get the hang of it, make sure you press the iron hard on the edges. 
If you make a mistake like I did ..just cut the extra bit of the veneer with paper cutter knife.


It takes some time, but the end result is worth it. once you have covered the whole table with herringbone pattern. sand it down to achieve smooth surface. you can keep the original colour and just use clear varnish to seal the surface. or you can polish it..use the old rags to stain the wood veneer table top...let the stain dry and use the brush to seal the whole table top with clear varnish.

If you wish to paint the table... cover your table top once its all dry, use the aluminium foil and painters tape to cover it properly, you don't want the spray paint to wreck your polished tabletop. 

Shake the spray paint for few minutes, and start spraying thin even layers, repeat it for second and third coat. 
Once the paint is dry, carefully remove the foil and painters tape. 

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, please share and let me know what you think about it. xx

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  1. Sabahat Pls Share Creative ways To Cover a table top..Preferably a SQAURISH side table Size. Im loving ur blog n super impressed !!!!! :)