DIY coffee table

I had made 2 side tables earlier this year ( will upload the tutorial later) for my lounge room, But I wasn't really sure about keeping a coffee table in the room, since it's not that big, I wanted something small and light, And my DD spends most of her day in that room, I wanted something child friendly, light in weight, no hard corners...., I thought about using a soft furnished ottoman as a table, but I already have 2 ottoman as a side seats for the room plus a huge sofa, So the dilemma continued, until one day strolling across my local hardware store I saw building foam sheets, light in weight, not too hard not too soft..I literally had a light bulb moment, and the idea of making a coffee table came into being!

Here is the finish look, now I know the room looks a bit confused with all the colours and textures atm, It is because it's still under the decor process, I have got this beautiful painting (made by a good friend of mine) gone for framing, hopefully I will get it by next week,and the rug still has to arrive too, once everything is here I really hope the room will tie together :D fingers crossed.

Now this coffee table was the easiest DIY ever. Only thing that took a bit of time was preparing the fabric for painting, I could have bought a printed or textured fabric, but I couldn't find anything that'd go with the room, so I decided to paint.

This is what you need to make this coffee table:

Fabric (If you wish to paint...any cotton material will do, as it absorbs the paint better.I used cotton canvas)
Painter's tape
Paint brush
MDF board or wood board
4 furniture legs 
Nuts and bolts
Drill machine 
Super glue 
Sewing machine (optional-You can fold and staple the fabric if you wish)
Fabric staple gun
Wood stain
Building foam sheets (you can get it from any hardware store, or you can use any similar material, like upholstery foam) 

Using painter's tape make a pattern on the fabric, If you want floral pattern you will have to use a fabric stencil paper. Paint between the lines, once it's dry take the tape off and your fabric is ready for sewing, I stitched corner of the fabric but you don't have to do it, you can always fold and staple the corners like you'd do for a wrapping a box.

Now to the next part:
For table's base, start with preparing the furniture legs, If you are using wooden furniture legs, you'll have to stain it or you can use clear lacquer if you wish to keep the original colour. In order to stain the wooden legs, I sanded them first and then just using a rag I stained them, let them dry.... put wax or clear lacquer on it. Now to screw the legs into the board I marked it where I wanted them to go, drill a hole, screw them in...using bolts tighten them from the top.

                                                        This is the top where the foam sheets
                                                                           will go.
                                                 screw the legs tight at the bottom side
                                                                      of the board.

Cut the foam in the same size as the base of the table, place the foam sheets on top of each other, glue them in between to prevent them from moving, (you don't have to because once you staple the fabric tightly around it, they wont move anyway).

You can use more or less layers depending on how high you want it to be, I just used the left over foam to make the third layer. Now you can put your fabric on it and staple it from the sides at the bottom.

Tada..its done!! 

Please let me know what do you think about the table :) you can comment below the post. cheers xxx

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